Now that we’ve gone through a collective reckoning and awakening what will happen to these new ideas as our cities fully reopen again?



In this moment right now I have never felt more encouraged and comfortable to speak up as a woman, as an Asian American, and as a biracial person. The cultural conversations that were surfaced to the mainstream last year have had an affect, and one that I hope only strengthens as our lives continue to reopen. As heartbreaking as 2020 was, and as painful as the previous 4 years was for many, I can say that it does feel like we are entering a new season where we are allowing ourselves to once again feel optomisitic.


Is it me or is everyone talking about K-dramas (Korean Dramas) right now? It might just be that my TikTok algorithm is finally perfect and it’s really just showing me the exact things I want to see — like people guessing paint colors, cats meowing incessantly at each other, and people lying in bed talking about their favorite K-dramas — but it really does feel like I’m seeing a surge in conversation around K-dramas, and I love it.

It’s also made me want to watch one so I started It’s Okay to Not be Okay on Netflix and wow, what…

Image: chung.woolrim

As coronavirus continues to dominate our screens, thoughts, and increasingly our world, it’s important to recognize how this moment is experienced differently by some communities.

Historically, viral outbreaks increase xenophobia as scapegoating is common and blame is often hastily assigned to an entire race, ethnicity or nationality. This has occurred repeatedly throughout history, from the 1832 cholera outbreak blamed on the Irish Catholics, to the 2014 Ebola outbreak blamed on Africans. We also know that developing a shorthand name for viruses based on the geographic location they originated from is common, like the Spanish Flu, Singapore Virus, the…

Keiko Schnelle

Brand strategist, culture obsessed & always looking for new things to change the way I think.

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